so-notify – A Stack Overflow Question Notifier

so-notify – A Stack Overflow Question Notifier

About Stack Overflow: is the largest programming related QnA portal. It has over 4,000,000 registered users and over 10,000,000 questions and is the best place to find solutions for your coding related problems. Stack Overflow also has a reputation system which can be earned by answering questions correctly or even by asking good questions. A high reputation count comes in handy when you want to put a bounty on a question which has not received quality answers and let’s be honest, it feels good to see that rep count rise every day!. However, earning reputation is not easy due to the fierce competition in the community due to which answers are usually posted within minutes of a question going live!

so-notify – A Stack Overflow Question Notifier

so-notify is a command line application I built which sends a notification to user’s system whenever a new question is posted on .


Download the latest version of so-notify (v1.0.7) from the Download section of project’s GitHub releases page, extract it and set proper execution privileges.

To be able to run the application from any directory. Move the application to /usr/local/bin



  1. View available commands and options:
  2. Subscribe to a tag:
  3. Show all subscribed tags:
  4. Un-subscribe from a tag:
  5. Finally check for questions:
  6. Setup a cronjob to check for new questions every minute:

    and then append this line to to cron jobs list:
  7. You may need to start/restart your cron service:


Video demo:


  • If you get a Could not connect to the database  error then you might have to install  php and php-sqlite packages and then enable pdo_sqlite extension in your php.ini.

The spirit of open-source! 

This project is fully open-source I welcome your pull requests to the project’s GitHub page and I look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments section below!!

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Senthil kumar

Hi, I am a blogger and I came across your application so-notify. I followed your instructions. When I run it, I got the following error message.

“Could not connect to the database”

How to fix it? I am on Arch linux and has PHP 7.2.0 installed.